003: Steve DiFillippo of Davio’s

Steve Difillippo started his restaurant career at a young age. He attended Boston University and Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.

Steve DiFillippo
Steve DiFillippo

In 1985, He took over Davio’s of Boston at the young age of 24. He has since grown the Davio’s brand to seven separate locations which include four locations in MA , one location In Manhattan,  Philadelphia, and Atlanta.

Also, the Davios brand has a food company, which spun off the concept of their Philly Cheese Steak Spring Rolls. Lastly, Mr. DiFillippo is the author of the restaurant business book It’s All About The Guest.

Show Notes…

Success/Leadership Quote or Mantra

“Get out of the office and be with your employee’s and guest”

“IT” Factor

Consistency. Constantly delivery value. Value is in the experience not only in the food. Davio’s deliveries consistency in both food and service.

Success Definition


On The Fly (speed round)

    • Leadership/Management
      You need to first be a leader, before you can become a manager.  Any one can have the “Manager”  title, but you have to earn the title of leader. to be a leader you need to listen well, train well, and work well with others. You need to earn respect from others before you can be a leader.
    • Hiring Tip
      -Hiring people who are involved in charity work. Being in the service industry is a calling. You have to WANT to serve people. Individuals who enjoy charitable work naturally like to serve
      -Hire people who smile often. Smiling indicates happiness and happiness is contagious.
    • Creative Incentive to Keep Employee
      Offer health insurance and other benefits. (i.e birthday bonus, vacation time, sick time)
    • Current Challenge
      Getting more recognition at Davio’s Manhattan location. Overcoming challenger by getting out and engaging more with the community.
    • Marketing Tactics, Tools Or Trends.
      Trend: Gluten free.
      Cater to those individuals who are looking for gluten free items. Provide gluten free options on you menu or discover ways to convert already existing items to be gluten free friendly.
    • Restaurant or Business Book

It’s All About the Guest: Exceeding Expectations in Business and in Life, the Davio’s Way

Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business

  • Productivity, Efficiency, Profitability or Communication Gadget, Tool or Service.
    -Smart phone. Its not enough to just own a smart phone, learn how to use an apply apps to maximize phones utility
  • Best Business Advice
    “Take care of your guest. Do whatever they want, get whatever they want. Its all about the guest”

Contact Info

Email: Steve@davios.com

Twitter: @stevedifillippo

Website: www.davios.com