005: Brooke Burton of FOODWOOLF

Brooke-Headshot-BW-2012-e1392440086466Originally, Today’s guest got into the restaurant industry as means to support her then career as a screenwriter. It didn’t take long for her to realize that food and the restaurant industry were more than just a job; they were her passion. While in Italy visiting a friend, she had an inspirational, life altering realization.

Instead of running from her passion, she would face it head on and embrace it with open arms. Her blog FoodWoolf was born and grew to win multiple awards. In her blog she writes about food, dinning experiences challenges of working in the restaurant industry, recipes, insights and many other things.

When she is not working on her blog, she is a full time service coach. She teaches restaurant owners and managers the fine art of hospitality through effective hiring, training and the implementation of solid systems. She has worked with Nancy Silverton, Maria Batali and Joe Bastianich. Just to name a few.

Show Notes…

Success/Leadership Quote or Mantra

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen”

“Take opportunities that show you care. The smallest gestures often make the biggest difference. ”

Coach John Wooden

“IT” Factor

Brooke has the ability to recgonize out of the box thinkers and clients that have a genuine commitment to excellence. Her specific strength is helping restaurants and businesses with hiring and training for HOSPITALITY. By doing so, the businesses she works with have happy people, who smile and make guest feel welcome.


Brooke most often notices her clients struggling with talent acquisition. Finding people that have kindness, passion, mindfulness and genuine hospitality built into their internal wiring. Also, she sees clients undermining the importance of training and staffing.

Her advice, ask yourself “How willing am I to see change in my organization?” Once you’re willing to change, you then need to ask yourself “In what directions?” then you need to be willing to go in that direction.


Great leadership inspires great performance and bad leadership kills hospitality. It’s so much easier to look at the problem outside of ones self, then to look at how they can affect change onto themselves in order to affect change in their business. The first step to understanding leadership is to understand that it is the responsibility of each individual to bring the best version of them every day. So, if you are to be a great leader you have to be a good person inside and offer that up to others. It is not just being of service to the customer, but you need to be of service to your team as well. This is called service leadership.

Success Definition

Number of returned guest, unsolicited compliments, long turn employees, happiness in the work place and great sales.

On The Fly (speed round) 

        • Hiring Tip
          When hiring look for applicants that smile and have energetic body language.
        • Creative Incentive to Keep Employees
          Keep the door for new employment open. Always be soft interviewing. This keeps your staff maintaining a high level of performance because they know that if they under perform someone is always there to replace them.Always hiring also provides a greater probability of finding that rock star employee. If the door to employment is closed, these opportunities will pass you by.
        • Marketing Tactics, Tools or Trends
          Focus on making the best product you can.  If you provide outstanding food service and value, your guest will do the marketing for you.
        • Restaurant or Business Book.

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

      • Best Business or Restaurant Advice.
        “Lead your staff by pouring water.” Have humility. Instead of standing on the sideline and constantly being critical of your employers, get involved by doing little things to help, such as pouring water for your guest. Not only will you be helping your team, you are also displaying leadership by showing that there is no work that is beneath you. Also, you are creating connection opportunities with guest.
Contact Info

Brooke’s Blog: http://www.foodwoolf.com

Brooke’s Coaching Service: http://www.theservicecoach.net

Twitter:  @foodwoolf and @aservicecoach

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