001: Eric Cacciatore of Restaurant Unstoppable


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Whats going on all you unstoppable restaurant folks?!

Ok, this is it! My first episode! This episode is simply meant to be an introduction to my show. Here I explain the outline of future recordings and what to expect going forward.

This episode is also a chance for me to share my story with you! I know, pretty exciting right?? After you get my story I’ll share with you why I decided to make this podcast for YOU!

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Please, Please, Please tell me what you think. What questions do you like most? Which questions did you like least? Remember, I’m here for YOU. I can not deliver quality content unless you tell me what you want!
  • After listening to each episode don’t forget to check the show notes! These notes contain recaps and links to all the books products and services our guest restaurateurs cover during their interview!
  • Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest! Once you find me, engage! Every day I’m finding great content on how to better lead, manage and market your restaurant and I share those links with you on these platforms. Join in on the conversation!
  • Share with your fellow restaurant owners and managers people! Why keep all this great content to yourself? Remember, we rise and fall together. Its those who collaborate and work together that catapult their restaurants to success!
  • Lastly, which successful restauranteurs do you admire? Tell me and I’ll do everything in my power to connect and have them as a guest on my show.

Are you ready to make your restaurant dreams unstoppable?