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For the last 10 years, Eric has studied and worked in almost every facet of the constantly evolving online marketing landscape. From his humble beginnings in Search Engine Marketing to being at the forefront of social media and viral marketing, Eric made a name for himself in both the b2b sector as well as a stint taking his knowledge of online business models to the fledgling music business.

While building his digital media empire, Eric did what a lot of entrepreneurs do – worked at restaurants to pay the bills and network. For over 15 years Eric has stacked his resume working in every FOH position, with a strength in operations and team building. In late 2012 Eric decided to marry his two passions and get back into the restaurant business with a friend. Today he continues to help launch new restaurants as well as act as DineAbility’s head of digital media

Show Notes…

Success/Leadership Quote or Mantra

“Positivity is not optional; it is mandatory.”

“IT” Factor

Dineability brings many skill sets to the table, because it is composed of numerous team members, all with unique strengths. This, tied with a youthful, new school flavor makes for a killer service that’s on top of the ever evolving technology.


Eric see’s many of his clients struggle with time management. Eric’s advice is to not take on more than you can chew. Instead, learn to use the power of delegation and how to establish processes that will ensure that the tasks you are delegating will get done correctly.


One of the most important things in operating a restaurant. Leadership is what ties all of the functions of the operation together.

You also need to lead by example. You need to deliver the performance that you expect to get from your employees.

Get to know your employee more personally. By getting to know your employee your growing trust. Also, you are able to better learn you employee strength and weaknesses.

Success Definition

Success for a consultant is being able to go into a restaurant you’ve once worked with in the past and being able to see that they’re still using your advice and benefiting from it.

On The Fly (speed round)
      • Hiring Tip
        Take your time to find the people with the right demeanor to work in this industry
      • Creative Incentive to Keep Employees
        Give your employees more management responsibility. Once they have that sense of responsibility they become more passionate about their work and they’ll be more likely to stick around.
      • Marketing Tactics, Tools or Trends
        Educate your guest with all the awesome social media tools at your disposal.
      • Restaurant or Business Book

The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It

      • Productivity, Efficiency, Profitability or Communication Gadget Tool or Service.Make sure POS, email and project management and  social media management systems are put in place.Basecamp for project management
      • Best Business or Restaurant Advice
        Find a way to make sure your customers are happy. Everything ultimately has to add up to a great experience. Once you find a unique way to deliver the guest experience, follow through.
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