133: Sam Lewontin | Systems + Creating Experiences = Success


UnknownManager at Everymans Espresso in New York, New York, Lewontin has been called the best Barista in the City. This title isn’t just the opinion of his guests, its been earned through entering and winning numerous barista competitions. Everyman’s Espresso has been featured in Food and Wine, Bon Appetit and The New York Times for its incredible coffees, hospitality and service. In November Lewontin won 1st place in the Northeast Barista Competition, which landed him a position to compete in the US Barista Championships where he won 4th. AWESOME! Listen to this episode and discover why Lewontin stresses the value of systems and providing an incredible guest experiences.


Show notes…



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Success or Leadership Quote/Mantra

  • “Here I am. here I remain.”

It” Factor

  • Lewontin understands that we don’t serve food and drinks; we serve people. Our job is to make people happy.
  • Understanding the importance of systems.

Industry Challenge or Failure

  • Lewontin bombed his first barista competition. This left him “gutted.”
  • The lesson from this experience: it doesn’t matter how hard you fail, as long as you extract lessons from the experience and use those lessons to do a little bit better the next time around.


Knowledge BOMBS

Fundraising Advice

  • Don’t take money from people who don’t care about you and the culture you’re building your business around.

Employee Hiring

  • Don’t hire people who know; hire people who care.
  • Look for people who want to be a part of what you’re doing

Employee Retainment

  • Give your team tools and support.
  • Make sure they understand which direction the responsibility flows.
  • You need to operate in a way that makes your staff operate to their highest potential.

Industry Resource

Advice on Marketing

  • Be involved in your community. Be a part of what people are doing. Get to know people and get known by people.
  • Establish a marketing budget and spend wisely by outsourcing expert advice.
  • Say yes to everything. You never know what opportunity will bring awareness to your business.

Objective Product/Service Review Suggestion

  • Square– Easy credit card processing and complete solutions for every type of business. Get started free today.
  • Breadcrumbs– Powerful Yet Simple. If you can use an iPad, you can use Breadcrumb. Even sophisticated functions like splitting and transferring checks are easy and intuitive.
  • RevelThe Revel Systems’ iPad POS System has more Features that Your Business Needs! Get Revel’s iPad Point-of-Sale Software in Your Business!
  • WhenIwork– employee scheduling software.

Best Business Advice

  • Encourage your staff to do good work by making the goals and expectations perfecting clear. Then make sure they have the tools to meet their expectations.

Contact Info

Website: everymanespresso.com

Twitter: @coffeeandbikes


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