181: Rudy Miick | Shares The 5 Core Truths of Hiring


In this episode we discuss: why we need to think oOcXbkCbBf our restaurants as a place to restore others, both physically and emotionally; the significance of knowing your purpose and being happy; why you should transform habits into rituals; the value of living intentionally; four walls marketing; marketing through story; multi-purposing training content as marketing content; and the need to clearly explain what excellence looks like.

Rudy Miick began working in the restaurant industry at the age of 15, was a partner of a restaurant by the age of 24, and started his own consulting firm by 1978. Miick’s work has since focused on the successful start-up, performance improvement, and growth of restaurants, resorts, and other foodservice operations.

Miick has served on the board and faculty of the UCLA Extension’s Hospitality Management Program, was a 20-year leader at the Foodservice Consultants Society International and was a member of the Institute of Management Consultants. Outside of his regular consulting work, as the founder of The Miick institute, Rudy coaches others in business and life growth, and is an award-winning author of The Leadership Cookbook, published by foodabletv.com, and has authored hundreds of articles. Additionally, Miick has co-authored four books and regularly speaks at foodservice industry conferences and events.

Show notes…

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Success or Leadership Quote/Mantra

“Be present. Be on purpose.”

What is your “why”?

To guide and to teach, thereby awakening peoples passion and happiness, thereby creating opportunities.

It” Factor

  • Knowing who he is and having a clear understanding of his purpose.
  • Asking why.
  • Being a fiscal manager.
  • Using data to communicate effectively.
  • The ability to transform habits into rituals.
  • Staying present and in the moment.
  • Being physically fit.
  • Using exercise to clear thoughts.

Industry Challenge or Failure

  • One of the most common mistakes Miick sees is during the training process when managers fail to paint the picture of what excellence looks like.
  • A second common mistake Miick witnesses are restaurants having money on the shelves, in the form of inventory, instead of money in the bank.
  • If you’ve experienced a mistake or a failure, immediately work out a system to prevent the mistake from happening again.

Knowledge BOMBS

Fundraising Advice

  • Don’t lie about your numbers. Be brutally honest, because numbers don’t lie. If you lie about your numbers you won’t be able to project properly.

Employee Hiring

  • 5 Core Truths of Hiring:
    1. A “Maybe” is a “No”.  If you’re thinking someone “maybe” will work out, don’t invest your time and money into training them
    2. Only Hire an A+. The secret here is defining what A+ looks like.
    3. Trust the Tuning Fork. If you don’t like someone, or you do like someone go back to the data to uncover why.
    4. Answer Applicant’s Questions, Only After the Applicant Has Answered Your Questions. A good applicant will get the answers from you by asking questions before your ask them questions.
    5. Ask the Real Question. Most interviewers only scratch the surface with questions. Pull back the layers by asking “why?”

Employee Retainment

  • Make your goal to have people join you by choice, not chance.
  • Filter applicants by sharing your purposes and values before they ever interview for the role they’ll be filling. Miick recommends using a landing page online.

Industry Resource

A Slice of the Pie: How to Build a Big Little Business

The Chipotle Effect: The changing landscape of the American Social Consumer and how Fast Casual is impacting the future of restaurants. (Volume 1)

Resonant Leadership: Renewing Yourself and Connecting with Others Through Mindfulness, Hope, and Compassion

The Leadership Cookbook

CLICK  HERE to get a FREE audio version of this Book

 Advice on Marketing

  • The best marketing you can do is in your 4 walls.
  • Tell stories about what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with.
  • Don’t be so uptight with your social media policy. Break down the walls and let your people tell their stories. If you’re strict with who you hiring you wont need to worry about social media policies.
  • Pull people in with stories and purpose, instead of pushing self-promotion.
  • Multi-purpose your content. For example: use training videos on social media to give your guest a taste of your culture an the extremes you go to so that they can have great experiences .

Objective Product/Service Review Suggestion

  • Leverage user friendly, simple point of sales tools that are cloud based and accessible on tablets.
  • Use HR software.
  • Leverage shared platforms like google drive, dropbox, and basecamp

Best Business Advice

  • Define and share what excellence is with every role of your restaurant.

Questions I should have asked?

  • Q:Whats the one thing that has made you successful?
  • A: We always start with “Whats the purpose of the business?”

Contact Info

Cell: 720-642-7565

Website: Miick.com

Email: Rudy@Miick.com

Twitter: @RudyMiick

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