2 Benefits of Staff Meals Which Reinforce Efficiency, Positivity and Unity

If you follow me on social media you know that I recently pitched a great podcast, Good Food, hosted by Evan 103085-20130828Kleiman. In the episode, The Restaurant Show: Trois Mec, Kitchen Culture, chi SPACCA, Kleiman interviews Michael Romano, president of Culinary Development at Union Square Hospitality Group.

In this interview they discuss how having staff meals before the dinner rush can benefit your restaurants positivity, efficiency and sense of unity. Now, I’m sure some of you may be reading this and thinking to yourself, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I feed my employees”, but I’m talking about taking it further than offering 50% off menu items to your staff. I’m literally suggesting making a family style meal that everyone can enjoy together, at once. Romano breaks it down into two benefits: Physiology and Emotionally.

  1. Physiologically- Anyone who has worked in the Restaurant Industry knows that it is fast pace  and a high energy output job. Whether you’re back of house or front of house. YOU! DO! WORK! In order to output good quality work, you need to intake good quality sustenance. People that work in restaurants, tend to lead a busy life style. They don’t always have time to stop and eat. Make time for them; even if its only 5 minutes.Feeding your employees will increase your restaurants overall efficiency. When people are hungry they are not as mentally sharp and they will make more mistakes. Additionally, they are more easily distracted. Being hungry and surrounded by food is torturous. A staff with filled tummies is less likely to stop and pick, therefore making better use of their time and becoming more efficient. Lastly, fed people are happy people
  2. Emotionally- When you show up to work and there is a warm meal waiting, you appreciate it. You have an opportunity to sit down and eat a family style meal with your colleagues and develop a sense of camaraderie. Eventually you will develop a more tightly knit staff who will work together much more efficiently. Your staff will develop pride for working for you and a sense of being taken care of.This last part is the MOST IMPORTANT part! When you are taken care of, you are more suited to take care of others. When we have pride about the place we work, that pride will shine through to our guest. Your guest will then feelproud to eat at your restaurant. Michael says:

    “we take care of each other and from that flows taking care of the guest.”

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