2 Resources to Keep Current With Technology


When speaking to different restaurant owners, I’m always surprised to discover how little they know about the technological advances taking place in the restaurant industry. Can I blame them for being behind on the technological times? Absolutely NOT! Restaurant owners wear so many different hats; from Business Man, to Chef, to Manager, to Salesman, to Marketing Specialist, to Husband, to Father… The list goes on.  How can you possible expect them to be a technology specialist too?

You CAN’T, which is why I want to share 2 resources that I’ve stumbled upon. These resources will help you stay on top of all the exciting things happening with restaurant technology.

  1. Restaurant Technology Magazine– With only two issues published, this is a brand spanking new magazine. When asked, “What is this magazines mission?” Ellen Muraskin, Editorial Director, replied with “Bridging the communication gap between the restaurant executive who thinks in terms of raising revenue, detecting trends, optimizing ROI and minimizing cost, and the tech/IT professional who thinks in terms of devices, integration, interfaces and access.”  and if you visit their website you’ll discover that is exactly what they do.

    This Magazine covers technology topics relevant to both back and front of house operations. Topics include, but are not limited to inventory management, reward programs, online ordering, mobile management,  social media and using technology to trim cost. One of my favorite sections of the magazine is their “Then-Now-Next” section, where they take a look at the technological evolution of certain aspects of the restaurant marketing industry.

  2. NextRestaurants.com 
    There is so much change and evolution happening in the restaurant marketing world and as alogo-dark restaurant  owner it is so incredibly difficult staying on top of it all. Brandon Hull, Founder of NextRestaurants.com recognizes this struggle and has put together a website to help walk you through the process of marketing your restaurant right.

    I asked Brandon what his purpose with NextRestaurants was and he had this to say, “The purpose of NextRestaurants is to freely help restaurant marketing leaders “get with it” digitally with an introduction to new tools, tactics and trends from their counterparts in the industry. We also vet the companies they could and should be working with to organize their digital marketing strategy — taking hours upon hours out of their workload”.

    Some of the resources at NextRestaurants.com include a Vendor Directory, Getting Started Guide and the opportunity to take part in Weekly Online Discussions. My favorite part of this site is their blog where topics related to email marketing, social media marketing  and marketing products/services are discussed.

There is so much going on out there in regards to technology and the marketing world. I empathize with your struggle to stay on top of it all and I hope these 2 resources help you get up to speed to where you should be if you want to make your restaurant dreams unstoppable.

Did you visit these two resources? What did you think?