2 Tools To Help Busy Restaurant Owner/Managers Facilitate Social Media

I’m excited about todays post, because it will help save you time and it will help you get the most out of social media. Also, I’m excited because it allows me to share with you one of my favorite resources on the topic of leadership; writer, blogger and podcaster Michael Hyatt.

Man Holding Clock
Man Holding Clock

Not too long ago I enjoyed his podcast episode titled “How Do Busy Leaders Find Time for Social Media“. In this episode, he tackles the topic of finding time to use social media and lists a few tools which he uses and that I’ve adopted. I picked the 2 tools which I feel would help restaurant owners and managers, but for the full list, i encourage you to visit his site.

We all know, too well, how demanding the restaurant industry is on owner and managers. There is so much to get done and so little time. Yet, it is essential that we make time to use social media to engage with our customers, because it is the most effective tool for marketing and to build community  around your restaurant. Here are 2 tools that will help you become a social media machine.

  1. Buffer– A program that allows you to write all your post at once and then schedules your post to a predetermined time throughout the day. If you read my post “3 Facebook Tips That Will Increase Business”¬†you would know that the time of your post is a crucial element of getting your post read. The goal is to post when your target market is most likely to be on facebook/twitter. For example. If your target market is college students, you would want to schedule your post for 5pm, approximately the time they are finishing classes for the day. With Buffer.com you can write you post at 9am when you’re tending to the office work associated with owner a restaurant and have it go live at 5pm, when you should be tying up all loose ends before your dinner rush.
  2. Hootsuite– This program acts like a dashboard for all of your social media outlets. From one page you can communicate to your guest via Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Also, it allows your to segregate your contacts into different columns. For example, you can have all your family under one column, your guest under another, workers and so on. Its difficult to explain, but it allows you to focus the right amount of attention to the appropriate column. The largest advantage of this site is that it allows you to monitor all the chatter from one location. This is a huge time saver. No longer to you need to log into each account separately to manage your social media.

Side note: HootSuite allows you to schedule posts as well, but it is different from Buffer. With buffer you pre arrange the schedule that your post are sent. Once you create a schedule in Buffer it is automatic. Whereas in HootSuite you need to set the schedule with each new post. If you’re confused about the difference feel free to email me.

While getting familiar with these two services at first may feel time consuming, you will quickly see that you are saving LOADS of time. With that newly acquired free time you will be able to more affectively lead and manage your restaurant.