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egEric Goodwin is the founder and President of Goodwin Hospitality, which is a leading expert in the hospitality industry and offers management recruiting, professional mystery shopping, innovative guest surveys and feedback programs, as well as support in recruiting and exit interviews.  In addition, Eric owns and operates both the Friendly Toast and Brazo, located in Portsmouth, NH. In 2014, Eric was named Restaurateur of the Year by the New Hampshire Lodging and Restaurant Association and his restaurant, Brazo, was voted The best cool night spot- readers choice, by New Hampshire Magazine.

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Favorite Success Quote or Mantra.

“You are the creator of your success.”

Whats Your Purpose, or Your “WHY”?

  • The ability to control his own outcomes; not being beholden to anyone.
  • A love for the journey.
  • Developing an coaching teams.

Your “It” Factors

  • Tenacity.
  • Risk taker.
  • Believer of his people.
  • Ability to create transparent, brutally honest, and integrity based organizations.
  • High energy.


Career Challenge or Failure

  • When Goodwin was young and about to enter college, he suffered the loss of his sister. He let depression and sorrow get the best of him.
  • The lesson to be taken: Life happens and terrible things will occur, what defines you is your resilience. Keep your eyes on the future and don’t get caught in the past.

Knowledge bombs

1. What advice do you have for funding a restaurant?

  • Look for a “turn-key” operations.
  • Look for a partner that believes in you, will mentor you, and will front the cash.

2. Success is so dependent on your people. What’s your advice on hiring, managing and retaining people.

  • Always have more people than you think you need.
  • Realize that your restaurant is not as important to your staff as it is to you.
  • Create an awesome culture and high standard of excellence.

3. What are some current challenges or challenges you see coming?

  • Lack of management talent.
  • Poor quality of life for restaurant professionals.

4. How do you balance work and life?

  • Develop your leadership team. Duplicate yourself.

5. Recommended book?

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Dont

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6. Recommended tool or technology?

NCR Aloha

Pulse- Gain instant access to critical operational data. Experience the nirvana of knowing exactly what is going on in the business, regardless of where you are.

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7. With all the knowledge you have now, if you could go back in time and give your past self one piece of business advice, What would it be and why?

Don’t wear too many hats. Extract yourself from the business as early as possible.

Contact Info

email: Egoodwin@goodwinhospitality.com

Website: Goodwin Hospitality


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