3 Facebook Tips that will Increase Business


It is no secret that Facebook is a remarkable tool for marketing. I’m pleased to see an increasing amount of restaurants and bars tapping into this amazing resource.Although, I can’t help but be befuddled at how many of us do not know HOW to use Facebook to its full potential.

I recently had the pleasure of picking up Dave Kerpen’s Likeable Social Media.


This book is a MUST READ if you haven’t already had the privilege of doing so. I’ve only gotten through the first 4 chapters, but couldn’t wait only longer to share with you what I’ve learned. Here are 3 priceless tips that will increase your online presence which in return will bring in more customers.


1.Start Listening– The most valuable asset Facebook has to offer is the ability to listen to what your customers are saying. Are they happy with your service? If they are not happy, why? What are they saying about your competitors? If you’re doing something better than your competitor, capitalize on it. If your competitor is doing something better than you, DO something about it! This is your opportunity to tap into how your customers truly feel about your restaurant.

2.Engage- Once you’ve heard what you’re customers are saying engage with them! Too many Restaurants use Facebook solely to broadcast a message. It is good to inform your customers of upcoming events, specials and any other noteworthy items, but don’t stop there. Read their comments and interact. If they ask a question, answer it. This makes them feel special, and they’re more likely to participate in building a social media community around you. To increase your odds of being able to engage, make post open ended. entice them to leave a comment.Example: if you’re running a special on $0.50 wings, instead of posting “Don’t forget about tonights special; $0.50 wings!” Try something like “Don’t forget about tonights special; $0.50 wings! How many can you eat?!” This will entice them to engage. Once they engage join the conversation!

3.The News Feed is Your Friend! Make your goal on Facebook to get on your customers News Feed as much as possible. Facebook’s News Feed is the default page that comes up when people sign on to their Facebook account. This is where you want your presence to be known. The three items that determine your likelihood of showing up on a News feed are:

  • The Recency of Your Post- Post are less likely to show up on News Feeds the older they get. So post often to stay recent. When posting consider you target market. You want your post to be seen  by your target market. If your target market are college students, then aim to post content around 6pm on Friday and Saturday nights when they’re making their plans for the evening.
  • Strength of Your Facebook Relationship- Interaction with your customers is what strengthens and builds your Facebook relationship.
  • The Amount of likes and comments Your Content Gets- If Facebook users are liking and commenting on your content and generating buzz then it increases the odds of your content showing up on peoples News Feed. This is why its crucial that you aim to get comments and likes on the content you post.

While this information is common knowledge for many of you it is not common knowledge for all. Thats OK! It is why I’m here! Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts! I’m looking forward to engaging with you!