358: Fan Mail Friday #1 with Rudy Miick

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I’ve never claimed to have all the answer, but after 350 + interviews I guarantee you I know someone who does know the answer to your question. This episode is the first of many to come, where I lean on my network of experts to answer listener questions.

Today, Rudy Miick, who first joined me in episode 181 is back to be the question answer-er. Miick began working in the restaurant industry at the age of 15, was a partner of a restaurant by the age of 24, and has been consulting for the last 40 years. Miick’s work has pivoted to focus on successful start-ups, performance improvement, and the growth of restaurants, resorts, and other foodservice operations. You can learn more about rudy at Miick.com

Success Quote or Mantra

I wonder how many of our employees go, “I can’t wait to go to work!”




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Today’s listener questions:

  1. How do you handle older staff (say mid 40’s) dating young staff  (say, late teens)?
  2. What do you do about drugs in the work place? What if people are using the pen to smoke and get high at work?
  3. Excessive drinking at your place of employment, while off the clock. Should we tolerate it?
  4. What do you do when someone blackmailed with negative comments and reviews online?

Resources Mentioned

The Leadership Cookbook

Contact Rudy:

Phone: 303 413 0400

email: Rudy@Miick.com

Websie: http://www.miick.com/