361: 5 step online review process with Matt Hayman


In this episode, we discuss why online reviews matter more today than ever before, The biggest mistakes restaurant owner make when it comes to online reviews, when the best times are to ask for a review, and the 5 step process to handling online reviews.

Matt Hayman is a digital marketing expert based in the UK with over 8 years experience in Search Engine Optimisation and Paid Traffic. He’s the founder of ReviewMiner.co and helps businesses large and small grow by harnessing the power of customer reviews.

Show notes…

Success or Leadership Quote/Mantra

“If you find something very difficult to achieve yourself, don’t think of it as impossible, for anything possible and proper for another person can be achieved as easily by you.”

-Marcus Aurelius

The 5 step process to handling the online reviews

A step by step blueprint for how restaurants can use the customer feedback process to drive higher frequency of visits, and lower marketing costs.
  1. Research competitors
  2. When you’re going to ask for feedback
  3. Right questions
  4. Segmenting customers based on feedback
  5. Treat each group different

Resources Mentioned

Reviewminer.co– Get customer feedback. Get great reviews. enter promotional code “UNSTOPPABLE” at check out and get 20% off for the first year.

5 steps to 5 Stars Review Miner Video 

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1 thought on “361: 5 step online review process with Matt Hayman

  1. Hey Eric and Matt,

    I’m based over in the UK and operate two different hospitality businesses,

    Great show – this is a topic really close to my heart and something I do in my own business with a few differences.

    I was really interested to hear the focus on Google Reviews – I hadn’t thought of that and it makes perfect sense from an SEO point of view. I’ve got quite a few questions to ask so I’ll endeavour to join you on the webinar (of not I’ll drop you a line).

    Thanks for making the show.



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