373: Books to improve your systems, culture, and finances

In this episode, I’m going to solo and sharing the books I most often recommend to learn about systems, culture, finances and more.

People often ask me what books I have to suggest. So, in this episode, I’m sharing the biggest “aha moments” I’ve had since recording episode #1 along with the books I recommend to support said aha moments. Pretty straight forward, right?

Show Notes



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Aha Moments and the books to back em’:

  1. Create System Dependent Restaurants- Not People Dependent Restaurants.
  2. Culture: values, vision, mission
  3. Pay Attention to The #’s.
  4. Know Your Lane- Stay In It
  5. Just Start- But Only Start Where You Can.
  6. It Has Everything to do with People.
  7. Behind Every Great Restaurant is a Great Person.
  8. Provide Opportunity for growth.

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