386: Writing job posts that convert with Pablo Fuentes

In this episode with guest, Pablo Fuentes we discuss how success starts with discipline, how to use your team to get inspiration for writing a good job post, the elements of a perfect job post, common mistakes to avoid when writing a job post and ultimately, how to write job posts that convert. Be sure to join us for the LIVE webinar on November 6th!

Pablo is the Founder and CEO of Proven, a software company that helps small businesses hire.  He is also the host and producer of Small Business War Stories, a podcast where he drives thousands of miles around the country interviewing small business owners and operators and learning about their stories. Today Pablo is here to cover elements of a perfect job post and he’ll also share some of the most common mistakes.


Show notes…

Favorite Success Quote or Mantra.

“Discipline equals freedom.”

Join us for the webinar November, 6th @3pm EST. here’s the link to register!
Elements of a Perfect Job Post 
  • Create a clear, searchable title and try to add some personality to stand out.
  • Write a job description in bullet formatting that focuses on the most important requirements for the job as well as describes exactly what the job looks like on a daily basis.
  • Make requirements in the job description as objective as possible.
  • Separate ideal and required qualifications.
  • Include a benefits section that accurately outlines all the reasons a person should work for your company (Do you offer high salaries, bonuses, perks, health care, training, etc.?)
  • Make it clear how to apply.  The easier it is for a candidate to apply, the better.
  • Include a brief section about the company and why it’s a great place to work.
  • Include an image of your business if possible.
Common Mistakes
  • Not being specific about what type of candidate and skills you’re looking for.
  • Not showing any personality or anything that would differentiate your job post from competitive job posts.
  • Not making it clear how a candidate should apply to the job (i.e. what do they need to send and where do they need to send it).
  • Using dense paragraphs (most candidates skim and spend less than 20 seconds on each job post).

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