4 Mobile Apps to Help YOU Make Money




As of May 2013, 56% of American Adults own smartphones. That means if two people walk into a restaurant, one of them is likely to have a smart phone. If a party of four walks in, there is more than an 80% chance of a smartphone.

With social media and mobile devices, word of mouth marketing has never been more powerful! Now how can we capitalize on this?

The following is a list of four categories of Apps that can help boost your customers count.


1.Food Ordering App- Smart phones have made it possible to order a meal from your smart phone without ever having to speak to a single person– with the exception of thanking the delivery driver after they’ve delivered your meal. Here are the most popular food ordering Apps available for smart phones:

  • Snapfinger
  • GrubHub
  • Eat24
  • Order pizza
  • Seamless
  • Foodler

If your restaurant is not yet available on these Apps I suggest you make them available. What is the hurry? its the basic low of primacy; if your restaurant is the first in your area to become available on these Apps, people will become accustom to using YOUR services. GET ON IT!

2. OpenTable- This is a nifty little tool. Your customers are in town and they’re thinking to stop for a nice dinner. But its Friday Night! They cant find an open reservation at any of their familiar spots. So, they decide try out this new app they just downloaded. This App allows them to view which restaurants have open reservations in their area. You are the only restaurant in town with an open reservation that works for them. BOOM! New customers for life.

3. Foodspotting- This App has potential for being a marketing goldmine… if used right. Foodspotting is the leading App for finding and rating dishes. With this App you can see a picture of what your friends and experts are eating and where they ate it. I encourage you to take advantage of this App! One example of how you can use this App to your advantage is by offering a discount or a free meal to the first 5 people who post your dishes on Foodspotting. Use Facebook or Twitter to get the word out.

4. Social Media Apps– These Apps are pretty obvious, but such power houses that they warrant reminding. I’ve already posted about the importance of social media, but we need to remember that social media fits in our pockets today. Don’t forget that many of these Apps offer the ability to check into your establishment, upload pictures of your dishes and tell their friends where they are. Use social networks to showcase what you’ve got to offer. Also, Use social networks to post special events discounts and opportunities to get free things. Getting free things makes people happy. Happy people tweet and post.




Pew Internet Mobile; Joanna Brenner