Welcome to My Blog

Yoooo! I’m Eric Cacciatore– yes, my last name is just like the delicious chicken dish–  and I love two things in life more than anything else; the restaurant industry and helping others. This blog was created to help you by:
  • Introducing and educating you on the countless marketing tools and services at your disposal
  • Stressing the importance of customer service and customer experience at your restaurant
  • Providing insight on outstanding restaurant leadership
  • Doing the work to find the latest gadgets, trends and tools to help increase productivity, proficiency and organization in your restaurant
My mission is to find the best content the web and industry leaders have to offer and to share my finding with you on my blog. In doing so, I hope to build a community of individuals who share the same passions, dreams and aspirations.
I commit to posting valuable, actionable advise weekly.
I spent most of my life in the restaurant industry. My experience in the industry began at the age of 3, when my parents opened a restaurant. I continued to work in their restaurant and others through out high school and college.
From the beginning I was in love with the industry; the people, the food and the ability to deliver outstanding service. Despite my lust for the industry, I was steered away from it. I was told things like, “You’ll never make money in that industry” and “You do not own a restaurant, it owns you!”. So, I decided to pursue a lucrative career in aviation as a Commercial Pilot.
After devoting 10 years of my life to aviation–while working in restaurants on the side– I decided that aviation simply wasn’t for me. I resigned as a First Officer from United Express in the summer of 2012.
 My desire to work in restaurants was still strong. Unfortunately, there was one glooming issue. I was left in the wake of my aviation career with over $180,000.00 worth of school loans. How can someone get a start in the restaurant industry with such outstanding debt?! With desire, persistence and faith.
I have a long uphill battle in achieving my goal of being a successful restaurant owner. This battle starts with helping you. While my dreams may be distant yours may be developing as you read this. Let me assist you in accomplishing your dreams through this blog by providing the best content the industry has to offer.