The Story Behind Restaurant Unstoppable


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Yooo! What’s going on all you UNSTOPPABLE restaurant professionals, I’m Eric Cacciatore– yes, my last name is just like the chicken.

Why did I create this podcast?

To empower independent restaurant owners/operators with the tools, knowledge, and attitude to happily and successfully live out their purpose and passion.

How do we Do this?

By learning and taking the advice from proven successful restaurateurs and hospitality professionals.

Why should you listen to this podcast?

  • To surround yourself with a melting pot of industry mentors who will inspire and motive you to achieve your dream.
  • To learn what habits and characteristics you need to develop to be successful.
  • To learn from the failures of others so you can avoid similar failures.
  • To be entertained by the industry stories of chefs, owners, managers, and other restaurant professionals.
  • To absorb advice on how to raise capital, recruit and keep team members, lead, manage and market a restaurant.
  • To uncover the books and resources our guest mentors read and recommend and that can help you become unstoppable.
  • To discover new technologies and services the will make you more efficient, productive, and profitable.

About Me

As a student dual majoring in Hospitality and Marketing, I created this site as a way to further my knowledge on topics related restaurant operations, management, leadership, and marketing.
During my search for knowledge, I discovered podcasts.

It is so incredibly easy to absorb knowledge from the podcast. Just hit play and BOOM! knowledge bombs.

I was consuming hours of podcast daily, but it couldn’t satisfy my hunger; I wanted a podcast that was motivational, inspirational, and focused on the RESTAURANT professional.

For a while, I just waited. I figured someone would eventually come up with a podcast that was right for me, until…

I’ll do it! I’ll start a podcast!

Now I’m on a mission to interview successfully independently owned restaurant professionals to get after what it takes to reach similar levels of success in the restaurant industry.

Along the way, we’ll interview authorities on their respected niches for additional knowledge to become successful.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Restaurant Unstoppable! Here is my story!

  1. 354: Giving up everything for your restaurant with Matt and Emily Hyland
    From this interview, I know that the most important thing for owner to begin his or her business is passion. You should know what can really raise you up and what you are interested in. After that, you can be most willing to sacrifice your time, your energy, your passion or whatever. Only in this way can you be eager to come up many more ideas to make it better and well-known. Like the interviewee Matt said, ” I love pizza and I want to make pizza”. That’s his own passion and it can be regarded as the foundation of his business.
    And then, the support that comes from family or friends is the second key factor for their success. Without those supports, I think they may lack the motivation to run the business. It is the support that make them more motivated and energetic. Also, the good partnership with the ones who you know very well is another factor for their success. They compared the partnership to marriage because both of these require compromise and a lot of work. I think this comparison is amazing. It is exactly correct. You won’t marry someone whom you are not familiar with. Similarly, you can’t cooperate with someone whom you don’t know very well because it is risky for your whole business.
    Besides, you are bond to face a lot of challenges. Never mind and just keep thinking and never stop trying. Like this way can you be more creative and successful. Like Emily said, no matter how good it is, everything could be better. You can’t stop although challenges come out or your business becomes better and better everything. All you should do is keep going to make it better and better.
    One last thing for their success is that they know the mutual trust between leaders and staff is very necessary. If the leader doesn’t trust the staff, they won’t be willing to create more profits or do whatever they can do for the leader because they will think it is in vain for them to do that. If you hire somebody, just let them do the things to show your trust for them. After that, they will regard your business as their business and keep the brand culture or value in their mind. It will show the greatest teamwork power.

  2. Giving up everything for your restaurant with Matt and Emily Hyland
    This podcast was very inspiring because as college students, Emily and Matt started their business and 3 years later, 3 restaurants were already open. I like how the host, Emily and Matt made it real and very interesting to listen. I truly think that Emily and Matt are very successful because of the concept of the restaurant. They quoted that the restaurant is an extension of their home and that they are doing it for the right reason. From listening the podcast, you can see that owning a restaurant is not an easy task and that there are sacrifices that have to be made to be successful in the industry. I learned that the restaurant business can take control of your life and there has to be a balance between yourself and the business. I also learned that there has to be trust in any business. You need to be able to trust the people you hire because the nature of the business is to create a culture where everyone feels comfortable to work and do their jobs. Everything starts with the culture that is created with the employees first which later will create an impact on the guests. I really believe that the restaurant has many more to open and many years to go. As Matt and Emily said, “Never stop trying, no matter how good it is, it could be better”.

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