323: Discover what drives your bottom line with Andrew Carlson

In this episode we discuss: Customer service IS THE BOTTOM LINE! Learning how to gain skills with face-to-face interactions. Transformative relationships. Training your staff. How do people learn and how do we successfully implement tactics for learning. When a restaurant closes it affects a large community, not just the owners. Being supportive of your co-workers even beyond work-related issues. Must succeed in your personal life to succeed in your professional life. Don’t go to work just for the paycheck. Your training tactics should be flexible to the kind of learning your staff is more apt to succeed at. All problems in a restaurant start at the top. Managers shouldn’t just be putting out fires but preventing them. Bringing people up to your level will empower them and you. Make yourself better to make others better. Don’t just accept mediocrity. Keep moving forward.

Andrew Carlson is a restaurant consultant and coach with focused knowledge on personal growth, leadership, training, customers service and social media marketing and he writes on these topics at Andrew-Carlson.com. As of recently, he is also an author and just published his first book Customer Service is the Bottom Line.

Show notes…

Success or Leadership Quote/Mantra

“You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on someone’s life.”

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