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133: Sam Lewontin | Systems + Creating Experiences = Success


UnknownManager at Everymans Espresso in New York, New York, Lewontin has been called the best Barista in the City. This title isn’t just the opinion of his guests, its been earned through entering and winning numerous barista competitions. Everyman’s Espresso has been featured in Food and Wine, Bon Appetit and The New York Times for its incredible coffees, hospitality and service. In November Lewontin won 1st place in the Northeast Barista Competition, which landed him a position to compete in the US Barista Championships where he won 4th. AWESOME! Listen to this episode and discover why Lewontin stresses the value of systems and providing an incredible guest experiences.


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132: Authority Thursday | Joe Lipple on Why NoWait is a No-Brainer


Joe Lipple NoWaitToday we’re interviewing Joe Lipple of NoWait. NoWait is a host management and guest seating app. Your ability to create positive experiences is what will determine how often your guest choose to frequent your restaurant. By using technology to leverage communication and information, NoWait is able to create a positive guest experience hours before your guest even step foot in your establishment. NoWait is essentially a turn key system that will make life for your staff easy and profits for your restaurant greater. Click play, to discover why NoWait was created and why you should seriously consider implementing it into your restaurant operation. Like, ASAP.

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131: Jon Swire on Why Life Favors the Well Prepared.

  Jon Swire is the CEO of Chop Daddy’s; a fast-casual, multi-unit barbecue concept in the greater of Los Angeles area. Prior to opening Chop Daddy’s Swire was busy acquiring over 11 years of real estate experience and had risen to become a top-performing broker at multiple firms. In addition to practicing real estate, Swire … Listen Now…

129: Jeff Benjamin- In Order To Be Successful You’ve Got To Be Nice

    Jeff Benjamin caught the hospitality bug when he was a young man working as a busboy.  His love for the industry brought him to Umass-Amherst where he majored in Hospitality Business. While working corporate operations in New York City, Jeff met Marc Vetri, and a friendship was formed. In 1998 Jeff was called on … Listen Now…

126: Authority Thursday | AJ Gilbert On How To Manage Inventory and Cost With ChefSheet


UnknownRestaurateur and entrepreneur, AJ Gilbert has been managing restaurants in some for over 25 years. Today, his the founder and CEO of ChefSheet. com.   ChefSheet was started as a way to help balance the relationship between the restaurant vendors and restaurants. Most medium to small size restaurant operations place an order for the product, get deliveries with an invoice, and pay the amount on the invoice. Restaurants have little power to negotiate and shop around, because they have little time to handle these mundane tasks, or they lack the tools to know why the prices they’re paying have changed. ChefSheet addresses many of these things by helping understand your prices over time, your plate costs, and even what others are paying for the product. Tune in to this episode to learn more about ChefSheet and why it may be a good option for your restaurant!


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125: Chef Steve McHugh Explains Success By Seasoning… Your Life


Steve McHughWisconsin native and Culinary Institute of America Graduate, McHugh kicked off his culinary career in New Orleans. It didn’t take long for McHugh to get picked up by the Besh Restaurant Group, where he excelled. McHugh eventually relocated to San Antonio to open Luke, along side Besh Restaurant Group. McHugh has overcome one of the most serious challenges life can throw at you; cancer. He has overcome this challenge and crushing life sense! Today he is living his dream as the Chef/ Proprietor of Cured, located in Peal; San Antonio’s culinary center. Cured has been named one of the top 50 for “America’s Best New Restaurants 2014” by Bon Appétit and one of the six select Runners-up for Esquire’s 2014 Food & Drink Awards: “America’s Best New Restaurants.” Listen to this episode and you’ll learn how to seasoning your life with experience with help you in the long run.

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Listen Now…125: Chef Steve McHugh Explains Success By Seasoning… Your Life