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082: Phyllis Ann Marshall of

Phyllis has owned and operated restaurants of all sizes, themes and locations coast to coast. She has worked with industry greats like Julia Childs and is very engaged culinary educator. Today, her focus is on’s mission is to work side-by-side with restaurateurs to help them grow every aspect of their business – from … Listen Now…

081: Misty Young of Squeeze In


Unknown-5Misty has literally gone from rags to restaurants and has an incredible story. Today, she is the owner of 4 Squeeze Ins, with the 5th on the way, with over 4million in annually sales. In addition to working on her restaurants, she runs an incredible website, is a consultant and is the Author of From Rags To Restaurants: The Secret Recipe. Hit play and listen in while misty heaves bombs of knowledge at us, which will for sure make our restaurant dreams unstoppable!


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080: We Are The Mentors Who Are Going To Change The World

  Ok, so it was a quiet week… BUT that doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy. The purpose of todays episode is to let you know you were not forgotten. I spent a long weekend in Boulder, CO connecting with some pretty INCREDIBLE restaurant professionals at the Chef’s Collaborative 2014 Summit, where we discussed topics related … Listen Now…

079: Pete Sittnick of Epic Roasthouse and Waterbar


Pete_Sittnick-headshotPete graduated from the University of Michigan with a Business degree, which has served him well. He has since accrued over 30 years of experience working in the San Francisco Bay Area. 12 of those 30 years were spent with the Kimpton Group as General manager and Regional Director of Operations. In less than a decade he helped the Kimpton Group grow from 4 to 25 locations. In 2001 He joined forces Pat Kuleto Restaurants and today serves as the Executive Director of Restaurants Operations and is Managing Partner at Epic Roasthouse and Waterbar. In ALL this spare time he serves as President of the Board of Directors of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association and volunteers for two scholarly hospitality programs.

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078: Authority Thursday | Elizabeth Herendeen Of The BBRSDA on Sustainability



edub_Chefs2BB2010Elizabeth has been working to protect our nation’s wild salmon fisheries since 2003.  Between 2003 and 2012 she worked for the national conservation group, Trout Unlimited, where she helped found the WhyWild Program as a way to educate and engage salmon consumers in today’s biggest salmon conservation issues. During that time she migrated to Alaska and started the national Savor Bristol Bay campaign, and also served as interim director for Southeast Alaska’s Regional Seafood Development Association and coordinator for the Alaskans Own Community Supported Fishery.  In January 2014 Elizabeth joined the BBRSDA as Marketing Director. Elisabeth is on the show today to help create awareness about what we can do as restaurant professionals for the greater cause that is sustainability.


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077: Jean-Marie Lacroix of Brûlée Catering

Hailing from France and gaining culinary experience from around the world, Chef Lacroix eventually settled his roots in Philadelphia and today is known as the city’s culinary father. His work at the Four Seasons Fountain earned him James Beard’s Best Chef, Mid-Atlantic in 2001. Soon after receiving this honor, he open Lacroix at Rittenhouse Hotel, … Listen Now…

076: Authority Thursday | Lee Barnes Painting The Big Picture On Big Data

  Lee is Head of Data Insights at Paytronix. Paytronix provides industry leading reward programs, email clubs, promotional engine, gift and comp solutions and data insights. With these tools Paytronix helps restaurants get what the need to compel guest to choose their brands first and more often. Today, Lee will help us paint the big … Listen Now…

075: Michael Heim of The Kitchen Boulder, CO

  Here at Restaurant Unstoppable we’re always looking for guests that can bring a unique flare to the mix. Michael fits that mark. All starting with a horticulture class in college, Michael has since been hooked on botany, mycology, and wild foods. Combining his passion for wild food with his passion for mixology he has … Listen Now…

074: Authority Thursday| Peg Fitzpatrick on Visual Content and Digital Marketing

4Dr7eVyrTodays guest, Peg Fitzpatrick wears so many hats. She is the Head of Social Media Strategy for, Director of Marketing and Social Media Manager at Kreussler Inc, Editor-in-Chief of 12 Most, and Moderator of ultiple Facebook and Google+ communities. She is all over the place! Today, she is going to be our authority on how to create and implement visual content into your restaurants digital marketing strategy. She will also discuss how to leverage, a free, online design tool.

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073: Authority Thursday | Mark Chase on 4 Common Mistakes When Selecting a Restaurant Location


Mark's request SmallMark Chase is the President of Restaurant Real Estate Advisor. He specializes in providing site selection and real estate advice to restaurateurs. He works directly with growing brands and provides coaching, consulting and training to first-time restaurateurs. In this episode we’ll cover some of the complexities of what goes into restaurant deals and what some of the common mistakes beginning restaurateurs make with restaurant site selection.


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