317: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat- What is working now with Bruce Irving

We have Bruce Irving from the Smart Pizza Marketing Podcast back on the show for the 4th time! We’ll be discussing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat: what works now, what doesn’t work anymore, and what to expect in the future.  Plus Bruce shares one tip for each platform.

Success Quote

“Everything is figure-out-able.”

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What is working now

  • Local advertising with a short video (60-90 seconds) targeted to your target market

What doesn’t work anymore

  • Just posting what you have without engaging.

What’s coming in the future

  • Facebook video

One tip for growing on Facebook

  • use Snapchat and Instagram videos to practice recording before going to Facebook video People expect that content to be rawer on Snapchat and Instagram.


What’s working now

  • Nothing. Too noisy.

What doesn’t work anymore

  • Reposting.

What’s coming in the future

  • Posting original content once or twice a day.

One tip from growing Twitter

  • Post once or twice a day and monitor people who are replying to you.


What’s working now

  • Instagram Stories.
  • Saving Instagram live.

What doesn’t work anymore

  • Automation.

What’s coming in the future

  • Instagram ads.

One tip for growing Instagram

  • Leverage Instagram stories by posting 2-3 times a day.
  • test Instagram business pages for the data you’ll be able to get.


What’s working now

  • Be entertaining. Having Humor. Snapchat is a more intimate personal platform. Be yourself
  • $5 Geofilters

What doesn’t work anymore

  • Trying to get people, who do not natively use Snapchat, to follow you.

What’s coming in the future

  • Nothing really.
  • Snapchat has sort of flatlined.

One tip for each on how to grow that network

  • Make better use of Geofilters

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