310: Why you need smarts, people, and humor with Jon Taffer

In this episode, Jon shares why you need to constantly strive to be the smartest person in the room, how knowledge is nothing if you can’t exercise it through people, how you need to always leave room for humor, and why you need to embrace change and accepting new technologies.
With nearly three decades of hands-on experience, Jon Taffer is an award-winning hospitality expert, best-selling author, highly respected management guru and top-rated television personality.  His renowned method of management has become the industry gold standard, saving literally thousands of bars and restaurants as proven weekly on his Spike TV series “Bar Rescue.” Taffer is one of only six inductees into the Nightclub Hall of Fame, and also holds such distinctions as “Pub Master” in the United Kingdom with multiple honors as “Operator of the Year” and “Property of the Year.” In addition, Taffer is a coveted keynote speaker at major industry conventions and events.

 Success Mantra

“Every day I have a purpose. It doesn’t necessary need to be completing something; it’s moving a ball. In my life, I have 8 or 10 balls on my desk at any given time. I have to move every ball every day. I can’t move 20 balls a day, I’ve got to pick what my priorities are. If I don’t move those 6, 8, or 10 priority balls every day, I don’t get to where I need to be. I wake up every day either excited about two things: 1) the ball that’s going to be the hardest to move. 2) the ball that is closest to the finish line. “

-Jon Taffer

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The Episode

We broke from the norm in this episode, because we only had 30 minutes, but it was a GREAT 30 mins! Jon shares with us 3 pieces of wisdom that will make us all better people and operators. Also, Jon shines a light on what he’s got going on with Taffer Virtual Training.

Those three pieces of wisdom:

  1. You need to be the smartest person in the room
    •  If you work twice as hard than everyone else you’ll learn twice as much.
    • Success is not a coincidence, it is a consequence.
  2. It comes from people
    • Knowledge is only something in your head, You have to execute knowledge through people.
    • You have to gain trust, inspire, and empower people
  3. Humor
    1. The pressure is intense. You need to combat the intensity with being able to have a good time and laugh.
    2. If you have good humor you can be a tough boss. If you don’t have good humor and you’re a tough boss, you’ll only have a turnover.

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