Multidine, Providing an Opportunity to Standout


477x361 - 2MultiDine— an Israeli startup– is paving the way for futuristic dinning and creating an opportunity to standout from your competitors. How are they doing it? They have created a next-generation servicing platform which utilizes a touch-screen tabletop surface, your smartphone, and MultiDine applications.


When customers come to visit a restaurant utilizing one of these “smart tables” they will have the ability to access the interface and sync it with the MultiDine application on their smart phone. From here the table interface will know to show you the restaurant menu in your native language, make suggestions for you based off your pre


ferences and alert the wait staff of any food allergies or aversion you may have. To get a better idea of how the dining experience will work, watch this video.

While perusing the menu you’ll have the ability to “like” and share menu items on your social media accounts. Have time to kill while waiting for food? Maybe you’ll choose to write a restaurant review or perhaps join in on an interactive game with the rest of your dinner party. This is just scratching the surface


of what the hardware/software combination will be able to do.

According to “The platform provides the restaurant staff with effective tools to raise profits and increase customer retention by: identifying the customer, enabling deep analytics insights, up-selling at the point of sale, rewards and personalized offers.” To learn more click here

MultiDine’s business model consist of selling their tables to restaurants at cost while the business owner will be responsible for paying a monthly fee for MultiDines services.3Phones
Today, I had the privilege of speaking with Idan Dadon, CEO of MultiDine and he let me in on some additional information. Currently MultiDine, Dell and AT&T are working together on manufacturing to reduce prices and increase distribution. Also, “Multidine is looking into several financing options to reduce restaurant costs down to $0.00”, says Dadon. I for one, will be keeping a very close eye on the progress of this innovative company.

As we all know it is all too difficult to be heard and found in this competitive restaurant industry. For an edge on your competitors I would suggest keeping a close eye on the progress MultiDine is making. It could truly be the difference you need to set your apart from your competitors.