316: Why NOW is the best time to update your restaurant POS with Linda Hancock


Listen to this episode and discover why NOW is the best time to updated your POS to a cloud-based tablet or mobile system. We also discuss best practices in regard to Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance.


Yeah, I know. It is not exciting, but you need to know this stuff!

If you’re not paying attention to the regulations, things will get very expensive, really fast. Now do I have your attention? That’s what I thought.

Linda Hancock is involved in the Federal HIPAA compliance program working with local government and businesses. She became interested in the credit card processing arena while working with larger companies, and shifted career gears to start Dezba Credit Card Payment Solutions in 2003. Dezba’s mission is to serve its clients by offering competitive and affordable prices, as well as provide up to the minute information on changing laws and products. Linda is one 100 original Certified Payment Professionals in the nation. Today she’s here to educate us on what we MUST know to stay compliant in the upcoming year.

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“There are four things that do not come back to you, you’re spoken word, the spent arrow, your past life, and a neglected opportunity.”

What you need to know:

  • As of October 31, 2016, PCI DSS 3.1 was retired. What does that mean? As of October of last year, you should have upgraded you PCI compliance to version 3.2.
  • From right now, until January 31st, 2018, this new requirement is considered “best practice”
  • After January 31st, 2018 it will be affected and mandated as a requirement.
  • Previously (in CPI Compliance version 3.1) merchants and banks were responsible for chargebacks.
  • The new version (CPI Compliance version 3.2) is shifting chargeback liability to the processing and the software companies and increase the fine significant.

Ok, so what? Why should you care?

  • If you’re using a legacy POS, that system is now going to require you as a merchant, to submit to your processor 3 different certifications.
    1. Software developer Certification. (good for 3 years). Expense: $50-100 per terminal.
    2. Distributor Certification. (good for 3 years). Expense: $25-75 per terminal.
    3. On-site inspection issued by a Master-Leve PCI Compliant IT Tech. (good for 1 year)  Expense: $150-225 per terminal.

There are exceptions to the rule: You are exempt from these certificates if you’re using:

  • A cloud-based tablet and mobile system (See Below); or
  • a standalone credit card processor

Mobile and Cloud-Based POS Systems Recommended on the Show:

Breadcrumb-Breadcrumb POS by Upserve is the cloud-based iPad Point-of-Sales (POS) system used by thousands of restaurants with a passion for providing remarkable hospitality. Designed by restaurateurs for restaurateurs, Breadcrumb POS merges an easy-to-use interface with modern capabilities so owners and operators get smooth operations and the ability to focus on their people and guest experience. Combined with Upserve HQ and payment processing, Breadcrumb POS is the only complete restaurant management platform in the industry.

Recommended by: Ned Elliott, Sam Lewontin, Mike Solomonov & Steve Cook, Elizabeth Parker, Kevin O’Donnell, Paul Hadfield

squareSquare POS– Square’s POS system is designed to grow with you. Order hardware kits, accept payments, get fast deposits, run analytics, and get all the tools you need.

Recommended byBrooke BurtonSam LewontinMike Solomonov & Steve CookCarrie SummerHari Pulapaka, Chris Deferio

Revel POS– Custom menus, infinite modifies, delivery management,Unknown-16 tableside ordering, table layout, split checks, plus way, way more. Revel is truly an all-in-one package that is cost efficient, timely, and reliable.

Recommended by: Chef Matt Ridgway, Robyn FisherPaul Barron, Colton Schoultz

UnknownToast POS(Please fill out the form if you’re interested in this POS)an all-in-one POS and restaurant management software with powerful tools to dramatically cut costs, drive revenue, and engage customers. Toast is built to make tableside ordering quick and easy. With efficiency in mind, servers can offer digital receipts, splitting checks is a breeze, and credit cards are secure at the swipe.

Recommended bySteve Smith, Paul Barron

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logoTouch Bistro -As the #1 grossing food and drink app in 33 countries in the Apple® App Store*, TouchBistro is the proven full-service POS solution that delivers an easy-to-use product, smart features that matter, and complete front-end and back-end capabilities.

Recommended by: Giorgio TavernitiPaul Barron


TryCake(Please fill out the form if you’re interested in this POS)Streamline your restaurant and increase profits.
Get more out of your restaurant with products designed exclusively for the food service industry and solutions that work as hard as you do.

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Clover(Please fill out the form if you’re interested in this POS)Clover is a cloud-based Android point of sale platform that was launched in April 2012. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. Clover was acquired on December 28, 2012 by First Data Corporation.

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