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In this episode we discuss: knowing your velocity;  attracting to oneself with visualizing; knowing when to keep your head down and when to speak up; the power of doing well by others: keeping in mind there are snakes in the grass; why building a great team will help you attack capital; and the importance of humbling yourself.
Russell hails from East Texas and like so many people, he got his start in the restaurant and bar business as a way to pay for college. Russell started rising up the Austin bar scene earning his experience and paying his dues by managing some of Texas’ top bars. in 2010 Russell was a finalist for bartender of the year and in 2011 he won the title.  He has since traveled the country, helping bar owners become unstoppable as a free-lance consultant. After having much success co-hosting Bar Rescue with Jon Taffer, Russell began his own company, Unlimited Liabilities.

Show notes…

Favorite Success Quote or Mantra

“Know your own velocity.”

Whats Your Purpose, or Your “WHY”?

Russell can’t put his thumb on one thing that has drawn him to this industry. There are so many aspects that attack him to his work. He loves it all!

Your “It” Factors

  • The ability to visualize goals
  • Desire to be the best wherever he is
  • Know when to keep his head down and work hard
  • Knowing when to speak up.

Career Challenge or Failure

  • Trust is important. You should strive to have trust among your team, but you don’t want to be blinded by trust.
  • Russell trusted the owners of a bar he was managing.
  • When money was being stolen, no one could figure out who was stealing it.
  • Russell lost his job over this matter.
  • Years later he learned that it was one of the owners who was taking the money. Russell never even thought to consider that one of the owners could have been behind the stolen money.

Knowledge bombs

1. What advice do you have for funding a restaurant?

  • Have the right team. When you’re raising money, the people giving you the cash are going to look at your team. Don’t skimp.

2. Success is so dependent on your people. Whats your advice on hiring, managing and retaining people.

  • Hire the person that is most able to lie to you… Ya, it sounds funny, but you’ll have to listen to Russell’s explanation.
  • To keep good people on your team:
    • encourage them.
    • make sure you’re hearing their opinions and that they know their opinions matter.
    • give them the opportunity for growth.
    • Ask your team members, “What would you do?”

3. What are some current challenges or industry challenges you see coming?

  • An influx of celebrity mixologist smearing the good name of the trade.

4. How do you balance work and life?

  • You need to have things, hobbies, and friends outside of work.

5. Recommended book?

Cocktail <— Movie Russell was talking about early in the episode.

Tao Te Ching

CLICK  HERE to get a FREE audio version of this Book

6. Recommended tool or technology?

logo-1Revention– “I’m putting them in all my bars. They’re the best POS on the market, and they’ve expanded into other areas like online ordering and mobile ordering. I would definitely invest in Revention, it’s a system that doesn’t crash and it’s really easy to use.” –Russell Davis

7. With all the knowledge you have now if you could go back in time and give your past self one piece of business advice, What would it be and why?

Humble yourself.

Contact Info

Don’t forget to check out Russell and Chef Duffy’s upcoming podcast: The Road Rash Podcast.


Twitter: @MrRussellDavisd

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Facebook: /MixologistRussellDavis

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