Maximize Communication with ShiftNote

Part of my mission with this blog is to find the latest gadgets, trends and tools to help increase productivity, proficiency and organization in your restaurant. So, when I come across products or services which do just that, I can’t wait to share them with you! This morning i stumbled upon
ShiftNote is a service that drastically improves communication by enabling all levels of management to stay connected on the day-to-day operations of running the business. Good communication cannot be stressed enough, because it is the key to success and logevity in any restaurant. So, how does it work?
ShiftNote is a web-based manager’s logbook and scheduling tool that is meant to replace messy
papers and files with an easy-to-use online tool. ShiftNote is accessible anywhere you have the
internet, including on mobile devices. To learn more check out these following videos on ShiftNotes YouTube Account
There are two levels of ShiftNote.
1.ShiftNote Basic– includes the manager’s logbook tool, document storage, task management,
stat collection and more ($34.95 per month, per location)
2.ShiftNote Scheduler– includes ShiftNote basic plus an online scheduling program which lets
managers create and edit schedules, and enables employees to request time off, trade
shifts, and view their schedule all online. ($64.95 per month, per location)



According to Audrey Walker, Director of Marketing for ShiftNote, the following list are the top reasonsto use ShiftNote:

  • Drastically improve communication by enabling all levels of management to stay connected on the day-to-day operations of running the business
  • Save time by quickly catching up on daily activities so you can focus on your current shift and making improvements in the future
  • Maximize your sales potential by utilizing historical data to more accurately forecast labor and inventory costs
  • Prevent loss from unemployment claims, guest lawsuits, and warranty/maintenance issues on equipment
  • Save hours creating and editing schedules
  • Give your team the freedom to get work done away from the office
I understand that there is very little profic margin in owning a restaurant, and that no onwer likes to add more expense to their operation; this is one expense I would highly consider fitting into the budget. Like I mention earlier, good communication is the key to success, because it increases productivity, proficiency and organization, which all promote better service for your customer. Good food gets customers in the door, but good service keeps them coming back.