306: What, why, & how to start a MASTERMIND GROUP


The purpose of this episode is to introduce you to the concept of a MASTERMIND GROUP. We’ll start off with a brief history of masterminds and then I’ll dive into some of the finer details behind the theory of a mastermind group. The explanation I give came directly from the man himself, Napolean Hill and his book, Think and Grow Rich, where the concept of a mastermind was first expounded upon.

After we all understand what a mastermind is and how it works, you’ll join the members of the first every mastermind group I hosted and they’ll share with you the benefits and value they extracted from the experience.

Then we’ll wrap it up with some calls to action!

Calls to action:

Thanks for listening in and special thanks to Sande, Tanya, Joe, and Colton for joining me in sharing the value of belonging to a mastermind. I’m so lucky to have people like you, supporting the show and in my life!