The Importance of Positivity

A few years back, I worked as a host at a very well known, fancy steak house. The front of house


manager was a very stern, stoned faced and negative individual. As much as I loved the work I was doing, I can remember how much I did not look forward to interacting with this woman. She would just bring me down with her negativity. It was not just me. Her negativity influenced all who worked with her.

Often, this woman would handle altercations with servers in middle of dinner service. Immediately after, getting scolded these servers would return to their customers with a clear disgruntled, unhappy attitude. As an owner, is this how you want your servers approaching your valuable customers?

Any time you have a negative team member in your restaurant you are risking exposing your customers to a negative experience. You can never under estimate the importance of customer experience. A restaurants responsibility to serve up positive customer experience is just as important as serving delicious food.

The managers and workers in leadership positions are responsible for maintaining a positive atmosphere. As a manager or leader the best way to promote positivity is by being positive yourself. Workers tend to immolate individuals in leadership positions. Monkey see monkey do. If you see a server providing exceptional service, let them know! Acknowledgement goes a long way.    Never forget to smile! Smiling is infectious!

Positive workers are better workers. Workers who are embedded in a positive atmosphere are more likely to be productive and innovative. In general people are good; they are more likely to act in the best interest of the restaurant if the restaurant treats them well.

Lastly, the most important reason why you need to promote positivity in your restaurant is because if your staff is positive it is inevitable that the positive energy will trickle down to your customers. It is human instinct to correlate the feelings of happiness and positive energy with location. When customers think of your restaurant they’ll instantly assign those positive memories with your restaurants brand. This will work toward the goal of selling more as happy customers buy more and return to spend again more frequently.¹




¹Utz, William. “The Important of Workplace Positivity” Expert Business Advice. accessed 6/29/2013.