298: Secrets to preventing employee turnover with Tom Henschel

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In this episode, we tackle an issue that every restaurant owner seems to be up against. Turnover.

I ask all of my guest mentors: Currently, what is your biggest challenge and how are you overcoming it?

By far, the most common answer: finding and keeping quality employees. In other words, preventing turnover.

So… What did I do? I brought in the big guns; Tom Henschel.

Tom Henschel is the president and founder of the executive development firm Essential Communications and the host of The Look and Sound of Leadership podcast.

Tom expertise as a communications coach has taken him into executive offices at companies such as Amgen, BP Indonesia, CitiGroup, Ernst & Young, Lockheed Martin, Symantec, and Toyota.


Show notes…

Success or Leadership Quote/Mantra

“Be good at tasks. Be good at relationships.

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In this episode we’ll discuss:

  • The 3 questions you want to make sure your people to answer yes to
    1. do you have a best friend at work?
    2. do you love your work?
    3. does the boss have your back
  • Building in time to get to know your team.
  • Once you learn your people, putting them in the right role to excel.
  • Why you need to live the culture and the mission before you can expect your people.
  • Creating a culture where people know their work matters.
  • Creating reasons, aside from a paycheck, that will cause people to want to work for your restaurant.
  • Why you should be pushing people out of your restaurant to the next stage of their life, and how they serve your restaurant in the long run.
  • Why feedback goes both ways. You need to give feedback and take feedback to improve turnover.
  • Why the best feedback comes when you catch somebody doing something right.






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